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28 October 2016, 903 hits

Bratislava White Night

Since 2015 we have a one special night in Bratislava called White Night. It’s a special night where different light artists show their artworks.

Tron Dance Shows
26 September 2016, 1910 hits

How can LED screen and lasers improve Tron Dance performance?

Slovakia will take presidency over EU council in 2016, naturally this occasion needed a grand announcement ceremony - and we were there. As usual, we made a Tron dance show for this occasion – but this time we also used LED screen and laser devices, for greater entertainment.

Tron Dance Shows
15 August 2016, 1607 hits

Yamaha dark side performance

This year we took part in the Yamaha presentation in Milan. We became a part of propagation of their campaign called ‘Dark Side of Japan’.

Tron Dance Shows
20 October 2015, 1904 hits

Volvo Art Session

The goal of the event was to introduce beautiful new Volvo XC90 using LED technology.

Tron Dance Shows
31 July 2015, 1655 hits

Miss Slovakia 2015

Miss Slovakia is a quite popular event in Slovakia. Our colleague from the dance school we mentioned before came with the idea of using the LED suits for the first performance of the evening.

Tron Dance Shows
07 June 2015, 1772 hits

LED dance under the Eiffel Tower

A while back we had the chance to visit Paris, the city of lovers, while traveling with our tour of shows around the world. And naturally, we got a brilliant idea… let’s make a street show for the people of Paris, right underneath the Eiffel Tower.

Tron Dance Shows
07 January 2015, 3577 hits

LED dance - is it worth it?

There are 2 different answers. From the artistic point of view, if you love dancing and you love lighting technology, the answer is yes. From business point of view - now that depends. And I'll try to answer the business side of the question in this article.

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