5 reasons why Tron Dance Show is better than traditional Dance Show

Many of my friends are asking me, why Tron Dance show is so special and what is the difference between traditional show and our show. 


Here is why!


1) Magic with numbers – When you do Tron Dance show you can have 7 dancers on the stage and audience can easily miss it. It´s because we don´t reviled all dancers from the begging of the song.


2) Visual – Visual of the suits is very unique for each dancer group. Your costume is your identity and yours behave in the show as your suit looks like. Audience love playing with lights, it’s different, it’s fresh, it’s a future of dancing. 

Nowadays, we can recognize three types of the costumes:

- El wire costumes, 

- LED analog suits, 

- LED digital suits. 

If you want to know more information about different suits, read this article.

Picture 1. Our LED dance suit

3) Technology– Each dancers crew is using different software and hardware. You can do a show with a very cheap control system, but you will be limited by it. On another side, you can invest more money to buy more expensive controllers and have great shows with less effort, which is synchronized with the beats of the song in real time (not just export the effects on SD card and put it in the receiver - like many others LED Dance groups do). Another advantage will be an option to use timecode for synchronizing:

- Lasers,

- LED screens, 

- lights and much more. 

If you want to know more read our article about our own software made just for Tron Dance Shows. 


Picture 2. LSS software made for Tron Dance Shows

4) Necessary skills – for this type of show you need experience on the field to do great LED show. It´s very big different between making choreography for dancing in the dark or in the light. Main responsibility is held by choreographer, whose needs to adapt into the new environment. 


5) Few dance groups – You can find many traditional dance groups over the globe, but just a few that dance Tron Dance concepts. Event in this few groups you got fewer, that are really good with their performances.  

Do you know more reasons why Tron Dance show is better than traditional? Let´s share your experience with us in a comments section. 

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