Why are our suits in such demand?

I would like to share a few words about our suits and why they are in demand.


So, why are they in demand?

Most important reason is that LED technology is very reliable. If you want to have a successful costume you need to know they won’t break during the performance. Sure, sometimes it can happen that something doesn’t work properly, but in our case, it´s not a common situation.
We already have experience with El Wire technology, that is used by the majority of our competitors in the Tron Dance performance business.

Reasons why LED technology is better:

Issues with colour – You can´t change the colours on the suit but just turning them “on” and “off” which isn’t that great :).

Maintenance – due to the fact that it´s directly on the clothes (in our case the LED strips are on the plastics part, in total 16). Imagine that you use your costume again and again. During every performance, you sweat a lot but you can´t put the suit in the washing machine or even hand wash it. I know that the audience is quite far, but it’s still an issue.

Total darkness another advantage of LED compared to EI wire, with EI wire you cannot see it well unless the room is completely dark – which is sometimes quite difficult to do.

Suit123 el wire suit
LED suits VS El Wire

Do you also need darkness with LED technology?


Yes and no :)
With LED technology, we use just 5% of light intensity. Because if we used more it’d glow too much and that is bad for both the audience and the cameras.

Tron Dance
Figure 1 LED suits when is not total dark


Is it possible to promote a logo of our clients’ or change songs that we dance to?


Next point is our range of customization that clients can pick from our product. If the client wants extra promotion during our performance, we are able to make a glowing logo and change middle part of the suit and put it there. Or would you like to hear your favourite song? No problem. We can make choreography for any song our clients wish.


What about making LED objects, are you able to do it?


Sure, we can. Actually, in the past, we made items like LED tennis racket, LED motorbike helmet, LED cars and much more. We can always find a way to accommodate the wishes of our client.


Do you use professionals in your show?


Yes. We use professionals for everything. We don´t just hire any amateur with some free time for dancing in the Tron performance. Our dancers are a professional dancing crew that has experience with performances in TV, commercials, and much more. The dancer choreography is then made by one of the best choreographers in Check Republic and Slovakia.

Still, don´t believe us?

We have been in this business for 4 years, with a number of satisfied clients all around the world. You can see all of them bellow.


tabulka s logami 03 (1)

Satisfied clients 

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